• 5 Lessons

    Black Feminist Night School

    Join Zora's House and our Scholar in Residence, Treva B. Lindsey, PhD for Black Feminist Night School - an interactive monthly masterclass exploring Black feminist thought, in community with other women of color. We will use Black feminism ethos as a lens to process 2020 thus far and to navigate the remainder of the year with a critical yet hopeful eye towards what's possible. There will be music. Vibes. Wine. Real talk.

    So whether the phrase "Black feminist ethos" gives you a warm and fuzzy, familiar feeling, or the phrase leave you confused, yet curious; you are welcome in this conversation.

  • 2 Lessons

    From WAP to the White House

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  • 4 Lessons

    VS&Co + Zora’s House Series Recap

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    Women of Color Programming Support

    Are you in a place of wanting to launch a WOC meet-up group or community program, but need some support? Look no further! Zora's House has developed a course designed to help you develop and execute your ideas! We know quite a few of our community members have a yearning to launch their programs and groups out of the Zora's House space, and we are here to support those ideas. We want to support and elevate the launch of community groups led by our members focused on a particular area of interest. Whether that be a meditation group or financial literacy program, we got you covered! This process will include:
    • An application process to help communicate and flesh out your ideas
    • A training tool kit to help you find and cultivate your facilitation style
    • Marketing support
    • Support in legitimizing your program into a business
    • Tips on how to apply for funding support
    Click the start button below to get started!