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Thank you for your interest in renting Zora’s House!

Zora’s House is a multi-functional work, social, and event space created by and for women of color in Central Ohio.

Your rental contributes to us being able to live our mission of equipping women of color with the confidence they need to take up the space they are entitled to, define success on their own terms, and build lives and careers they love! Please see below for terms and conditions.

General Terms

Zora’s House LLC agrees to rent its space at 1311 Summit Street, Columbus, Ohio to:*
Rental shall be on the following date:*
Rental shall be between the following times:*
Zora’s House agrees to an additional one-hour pre-event for setup, and one hour post-event for teardown and cleaning.
Rental includes:*
AV usage includes:*
Deposit Due On:*
Balance Due On:*
Cost Consent*

Insurance Details

You have indicated your event will have the following:*
Failure to alert Zora’s House of any of the above may result in the cancellation of your event at the discretion of Zora’s House and forfeiture funds paid. The above are not necessarily prohibited but must be disclosed. Weapons, Bombs, Corrosive Chemicals and Drugs are not permitted on Zora's House property. This is to ensure the safety of those on site and the wellbeing of the space.*


You must return the space to its original state or you will be assessed a cleaning fee. Please see closing procedures at the end of this document.*

Space Usage

SPACE USE INCLUDES: Coworking Room, Conference Room, Relaxation Station (basement), Kitchen, Activity Room, bathroom, tables and chairs, and TV/AV. SPACE USE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Music source (iPod, phone, etc.), laptop, storage area prior to or after the event, post event cleanup of space by Zora’s House staff, removal of decor, or the use of the yard beyond the patio. The removal of art or any furniture from the space is strictly prohibited.*

Sound and Lighting

Sound and lighting equipment use is allowed only if a knowledgeable lighting or sound tech is present to handle the equipment. The tech must consult with Zora’s House prior to using the sound and lighting equipment.*


Outside catering and beverages are allowed in the space. However, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, and no alcoholic beverages shall be served to guests under 21.*


Decorations are welcome but must be removed at the end of the event. Candles may be used if they are enclosed in proper containers, well tended, and thoroughly extinguished at the end of the event. Taper candles are not allowed for liability reasons. Nothing may be nailed to the walls of the space and all fasteners must be temporary and nondestructive.*


The applicant assumes all responsibility for the condition of the premises, furniture and fixtures, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Zora’s House, Inc. for any damages thereto. The renter shall hold Zora’s House, Inc. harmless for any liability or responsibility for any personal injury or damage as a result of negligence, recklessness, omission or mistake of renter and his/her guests, invitees and licensees.*

Lost or Left Items

Zora’s House is not responsible for anything left in the space by renter or its guests.*


The applicant is financially responsible for items damaged/broken in the space during their rental period.*

Maintenance Concerns or Emergencies

If there are any maintenance concerns or questions, please email: events@zorashouse.com or, for emergencies, call 646.596.3531 or 614.517.6539.*

Rental Terms

I have read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined in this Rental Agreement:
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